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Renting out your property has never been easier. A Personal Touch Management LLC in Atlanta, GA will manage all aspects of putting up your house, condominiums and town homes complex or condo for rent. From finding tenants to serving eviction notice, we can do it all for you. 

Meanwhile, those families or individuals looking to rent will have an easier time finding and keeping a place. We will be with you in every step of the way, from finding the right house, condominiums and town homes to keeping your home safe and properly maintained.

Accounting Services

We employ professional accountants to track your expenses and prepare reports related to your property. You will receive Monthly Operating Statements from us.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

APTM ensures that the right tenants are matched to the right property to ensure tenant retention. Our screening involves:

  • Credit Report and Credit Score Authentication

  • Employment and Income Verification

  • Eviction History Check

  • Extensive Background Check (Federal, State, and County Records)

  • Rental History Review

Documentation Services

Here at APTM, we protect your real estate by thoroughly documenting the condition of the home before tenants move in and after they have left. We will provide you with a full exterior and interior, room-by-room written report, as well as visual records using digital photos.

Eviction Services

On the rare occasion a tenant does not pay rent, we will immediately send them a non-payment notice of termination. If they fail to clear rent by the due date, we will begin eviction procedures. These include filing a complaint and appearing in court.

Property Maintenance

APTM employs both in-house technicians and general contractors to repair and maintain your property. We offer competitive pricing negotiated with vendors with no markup. Repair services are available to tenants round the clock. 

Rental Collection and Disbursements 

Tenants will have to pay their rent on the first day of each month. We do not accept checks. Real estate owners will receive their funds electronically by direct deposit.


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